My love of anything having to do with dolls and dollhouses started long before I became a serious doll collector. As children, dolls are our playmates, our best friends, and (in the dark of the night) sometimes our protectors. This web page is a place for me to share with other doll lovers of all ages, the dolls I have spent my whole life collecting. Make sure to click the "Older Posts" button at the bottom of the page in order to see the whole collection.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dollhouse Work in Progress

I've recently begun working on a new dollhouse. As with all the houses I've worked on in the past, I create them one room at a time. Here are a couple pictures of the work in progress. I still have a few improvements to add to the rooms pictured--but you can kind of see where the project is going. When the house is completed, I will post a picture tour of it on this blog.

Dollhouse Miniature Sewing Hutch

The attic of the new dollhouse is a sewing room. This is the sewing hutch that I created for it. The button cards were printables I got off the internet, to which I added pearl beads as buttons. So tiny!

Dollhouse Miniature Puppet Theater with Marionettes

I've been working on a brand new dollhouse lately. I've been adding all kinds of fun little toys to go in the playroom. I bought the miniature dolls  pictured above on Etsy and added strings to make them marionettes. The stage I made from a small wooden crate, to which I added lace and embellishments.