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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Dolls Fascinate Us So Much

When I was young, my mother took me to visit a local doll museum. I remember being charmed and awed by the variety of different kinds of dolls. Learning the history and story of each one showed me how dolls can be so much more than mere toys. They can be works of art, and reminders of history itself. And each one was created in it's own unique way. Porcelain dolls, compositional dolls, dolls made of cloth and wood--there is no end to the inventive ways those of the past have chosen to bring their greatest creations to life. As an artist myself, I can not help but be in awe of all that goes into the making of a beautiful doll. Sculpture, painting, clothing design and superior sewing on a miniature scale. There are very few other works of art that include so many different medias just to create one single work. I have recently begun studying more about the history of dolls and doll making while preparing to write a book. I have learned that one single doll represents a labor of love for many different people. The artist that originally creates and sculpts the doll's form, the designer of the clothing and wig, the seller who acquires that particular doll to sell it, and the person who falls in love with their creation and invites it into their home to display it for all to see. Is it any wonder, dolls are so fascinating to those who view them.