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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some of My Favorite Doll Sites

I've been asked many times where I buy my dolls. The answer is, everywhere. I've decided to post some links to some of my favorite doll websites.

*Warning* clicking on the links will take you to outside websites over whose content I have no control. Click at your own risk.

Paradise Galleries--For more affordable but good quality dolls, you can't beat Paradise Galleries. They have both older dolls and baby dolls.

Ashton Drake--A little more expensive than Paradise Galleries, but their dolls are beautiful!

Franklin Mint--This company doesn't make as many dolls as they used to when I first began collecting. Those they do make are gorgeous works of art, and are always very expensive.

Danbury Mint--They have a great variety of quality dolls.

Tonner Doll Company--This company makes high quality fashion dolls. I do not actually own any Tonner Dolls, but I love to go and window shop from time to time on their site.

Dollhouses and More--This is my favorite miniature dollhouse web site. They have everything you could want to decorate your dollhouse in style!

I have only recently discovered Asian ball and joint dolls. They are amazingly beautiful, incredibly exotic, and there is nothing else quite like them in the world--especially for a fantasy doll collector like me. I thought it might be fun to list a few ball and join doll websites that I like to haunt on a regular basis. Before visiting the links below, I must warn you that these dolls are extremely expensive and almost impossible to resist purchasing once you've seen them. Also, since the dolls are purchased separately from their clothing they are often pictured nude. Click the links below at your own risk! : )

SOOM Emporium--Their gorgeous monthly fantasy dolls have an amazing ability to make me drool--and shell out way too much money. Looks like a centaur doll is going to be debuting there in the near future.

AngelHeim--Also has some fun fantasy dolls.

Iplehouse--I LOVE their line of multi-ethnic dolls. I want that doll in the pink Kimono really bad.

Dollmore--This website has a really large variety of doll clothing that can be purchased for ball and joint dolls.

Souldoll--I had to add this link as well. I own their Chiron Centaur Doll. And where else in the world could you purchase a Shiva doll with four arms? No place I know of.

Luts--This is the first ball and joint website I ever saw. This doll site has a huge variety of eyes and wigs in just about every size and color. Not only do they have beautiful dolls, but they also have some little dolls with animal faces that are bizarrely cute. Check them out.

Volks USA--Dollfies have a very distinct large-eyed anime look. They also have a lot of fun doll clothes to peruse and purchase.

Denver Doll--This site has a little of everything. Dolls, clothing, shoes, wigs, eyes, etc.

Fairyland--This company has a line of adorable little fairy dolls that are too cute for words. Check out their tiny mermaid as well!